Positive feels from Papadosio

I headed to this one solo as Britt was at home sick and got a great view for the first thirty minutes of Papadosio’s set.  (For real, taking photos from the pit at Mercury is primo.)

I hadn’t seen the multi-layered band before and from my research for the Can’t Miss post I discovered the simple fact that this band is hard to peg but easy to groove to.  I think many people made late plans to attend this one- the line to buy tickets was consistent- and by the time they began, the place was full.

The combination of jam-bandy staples – you know the groovy lights, repetition of sounds, lots of hair – with a modern twist, lots of electronic elements, was really interesting and a nice change of pace. (I guess this is officially referred to as livetronica or jamtronica and that makes sense.) The near capacity crowd all seemed to be better acquainted with the band and were fully engaged in every move the quintet made. Unfortunately I had to cut my night short (f-you dead phone) but from what I gathered during my stop at Mercury Ballroom was only good vibes.


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