Underground and (un)holy

I’ll tell you this… BTSM is not my scene. That being said, 26 year old me could totally have seen 21 year old me absolutely loving this show.  While living abroad in London as a junior in college, underground dance clubs were my jam. I met some people with DJ connections throughout the city and went to several parties where EDM was the focus- lots of drag, late nights, funky outfits, dancing, you know the drill. In retrospect, if I would have known about our surprise snow day that next day, I might have gone a little harder at this Headliners show, but nevertheless, I enjoyed people watching and the brain rattling music for the short time I was there. We stood up on the balcony watching, even creating the subterranean feeling I experienced so often in LDN. The Canadian trio is certainly easy to enjoy with the high energy and those sick helmets. It was kind of funny… one of the parties we went to in London was called “Church” and BTSM’s tour is named the same… fate?


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