Bully’s continued climb

We kicked off what turned out to be a snow week a while back with this Bully show at Zanzabar.  It was pretty sweet, to be honest.  Bully fans took over the venue- they are clearly creating quite the Louisville following. The bands ease of just doing what they do is very attractive to fans, us included. We also caught the tail end of Fake Limb’s set and they seem super fun.

Bully at Zanzabar
Bully at Zanzabar

We’ve seen this crew before at Zanzabar opening up for Strand of Oaks and at that time their stock was rising quick- a shout out from Ryan Adams will do that for you.  The rest of 2015 was huge for front woman Alicia Bognanno and the rest of the band, becoming one of the most talked about acts of the year. They will be back in Louisville in a couple of months for a hot (literally and figuratively) set at Forecastle. HYPED.


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