The Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: Free Week + Discount Guns

This week’s preview combines two of our favorite things in Louisville: Do502 Free Week and Discount Guns. Both were new finds for us this last year (well, Free Week was a baby for all of Lou, but you get the idea) and we are excited for this grandiose event.


discount guns band

Live Music Lou: “Raunchy” has been a word in your band’s vocabulary. We like it, though unsure what it means to you, exactly. Enlighten us.

Lyle Edward of Discount Guns: That’s up for debate. We want it to mean exactly what you think it means. Our definition is raw, often-offensive fuzz. I think I remember Jeff with Do502 calling us raunchy once. I got hip real quick to that description of our sound so it stuck.

LML: You all look like you’re always (and we’d assume you actually are) having a blast while playing. Where does all this hype come from?

LE: Well thanks. I’m glad you noticed that. It’s 100% genuine. We’re still learning to play our instruments so when we’re on stage we’re constantly improvising. When it works well and sounds sassy, we blast off and there’s no stopping it. No place we’d rather be than on that stage at that particular moment. Picture yourself in the right place at the right time….it’s hard not to have fun.

LML: What’s the weirdest cover you guys have ever done? NB: you can take weird to mean funny, odd, uncomfortable, surprising, or whatever you want really.

LE: We recently opened a set with a snippet of a Pearl Jam song. That’s pretty weird right? I mean…who covers Pearl Jam?

LML: Discount Guns seems to have shows all over the city like all of the time. Do you all have the time or energy for day jobs or even other projects?

LE: Actually, we both work 45-50 hours a week, so the work we put into DG is solely to escape that world. Since day 1, we’ve made great connections with people all over Louisville and those people hit us up when they need an opener. We also have a lot of great friends in bands around the country that’ll ask us to jump on their shows. If you’re nice and never complain, the shows just happen.

LML: What Louisville artists are you listening to these days? Who would you love to work with?

LE: Wax Fang, State Champion and White Reaper to name a few. I saw Wax Fang last weekend at Headliners and they killed it. Scott is a fuckin powerhouse and DG would love to work with him someday. He knows I have a crush on him so maybe it’ll happen.

PS – we totally agree with that last sentiment. I mean, you could feel that sentiment in our review, right?? Well, we’re certain the Mercury Ballroom will be stacked for this one Friday night, so RSVP for this ish NOW! And be ready to experience this:

For more deets on the rest of the FREE WEEK shows, check out our Can’t Miss preview and head over to Do502 for the specifics. Since we’ll be out and about at practically every show, it’s more than likely you’ll have a LML spotting this week. Be sure to say hello if you do.

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