Jonas Shmonas. Wax Fang & Bowie are all we need.

Considering the Snow Week we ended up having, I’ll be honest, most of the week blurs together – I’ll blame it on cabin fever and Bloody Marys. But I can without question confirm that Headliners was the place to be this past Friday night.

Wax Fang has had a very public local revival; the past six months have seen a lot of the guys around town. They are making new music – “Exit Strategy” is the latest single – which makes us all pretty excited for what is to come.  They’ve got a handful of regional shows lined up, and I would suggest their live show to any music fan – lots of hair and crazy psych-rock antics, among many other things.

The highlight of the evening may have been the David Bowie tribute encore. Wax Fang brought up some of their coolest friends to honor the late, great Bowie in all forms and fashion. Houndmouth‘s Matt Myers donned some very fitting makeup (for real, man wore it well), Twin Limb‘s Lacey Guthrie showcased her otherworldly voice and Howell Dawdy danced to perfection, closing out the evening. You know Louisville always supports its people.

Even though Blizzard Jonas (aka Snowzilla aka whatever the efff you want to call the monster storm that destroyed the East Coast) didn’t live up to expectations here in the 502, this hometown show for Wax Fang sure did.


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