Two nights with the “Bests”

The city of Louisville had three opportunities to check out Moon Taxi the weekend of December 4th, and Live Music Lou was present at all of them.  Please join us in over-indulging on some Moon Taxi once again.

WFPK Members Only Show– Friday afternoon at WFPK Studio

Brittany was a lucky winner of seats at the WFPK Members only show and took some astute notes of the intimate, short set:

Moon Taxi Members Only Show
Moon Taxi Members Only Show

Headliners Friday Night Show with The Lonely Biscuits:

FRIDAY NIGHT WAS ROWDY AS HELL.  Headliners was packed with some intense Moon Taxi fans that were as exuberant about the weekend as we were. We had a great time weaving through the massive crowd to multiple locations, usually something we struggle to do, ultimately finding an ideal spot right in the middle of the crowd.  The evening highlighted heavily the new album, Daybreaker, but also some of our old favorites. Moon Taxi definitely knows how to jam- the songs featuring the talk box were so funky and fun- while simultaneously leading a massive sing-a-long… it is a rare talent that I have come to very much enjoy.  For this reason, among others, Moon Taxi brings out a rare form of me, and this was absolutely the case Friday night.  I hurt for quite a bit of Saturday, but no doubt had a great time.

Headliners Saturday Night Show with Kopecky:

Louisville certainly loves Moon Taxi, but more specifically, Louisville guys loves Moon Taxi. (Our exact notes: Wait who has their hands up? All of the dudes.)  If we hadn’t been so unruly the night before, we could have spoken about how much of the two shows overlapped (in terms of set lists), but that is unclear because of the, well, unclear-ness of both nights. Night two seemed like the smaller crowd but it was the first of the two nights to sell out, which is a little weird in retrospect. Did everyone go too hard Friday night and couldn’t make it back for round two? (Our exact notes: aka us aka I fired someone? Twice?)  After the show, we stuck around and introduced ourselves to Kelsey Kopecky, who we interviewed for the Weekly Preview– Kopecky’s opening set was likely the reason for the quick sell out. She seemed like a very down to earth lady and let it slip that members of the band will be doing their own thing for a bit in the new year, sharing that she’ll be releasing a solo record here shortly. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for that one and her return to Louisville.

It is always going to be a helluva night with Moon Taxi- that much has been made clear.  The guys will be back in town for a Forecastle set in July, a can’t miss for sure in our minds.

Also, check out Bonnaroo’s Facebook page- they’ve got a special contest running for Moon Taxi’s New Year’s Eve show in Nashville. The band will choose their favorite five word review of the new album, and the winner will get supreme VIP treatment to ring in 2016.  We’re plotting our perfect five words so you best bring your A-game!


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