The Wood Brothers’ satisfying synthesis

After watching The Wood Brothers at Headliners a couple of weeks ago, there are a couple of things about the band that are quite striking.

  1. Chris Wood plays the upright bass, bass and harmonica with unmatched expertise, and equal parts fervor and gentility. It is hard to fully picture, but the man did it.
  2. The unconventional rhythm and percussion is nice – this is definitely something that sets The Wood Brothers apart from any traditional jam band or string band.
  3. Brother Oliver’s voice is so youthful.
  4. Oliver also has beautiful hair.
  5. Lots of people (all types) were luh-luh-loving the jams. Everyone in attendance was moving in some fashion. What this means is TWB make dance-worthy stuff.

I had not seen The Wood Brothers before – I was absent from ROMP a few years back when they hit the stage – but their style of music set in Yellow Creek Park sounds like a sweet combination.


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