Communion: Where we can say we saw them first

The November Communion show is just around the corner, so why not share our highlights from the previous month’s edition? We always enjoy these shows and take pride in knowing that one day, when these bands are household names, we can say, “We saw them in the comfort of Zanzabar, first!”

The Hart Strings

These guys having been on a roll lately – we just missed the end of their bit, naturally, but I’m sure that the Zbar Communion crowd enjoyed their set.


Yasssss. We hadn’t heard of these guys, and were a little surprised how into their stuff we were. Their music has a certain fluidity to it that makes for easy listening.

Blind Tigers

This lady-headed, hard-knocking band was the focus of our Do502 preview for this Communion show. The interview was one of the few times we asked a band about their “real lives” and hearing about their day-to-day makes the music a bit more poignant. It is refreshing to hear about people who approach their music as such a blessed addition to their regular lives.

October Communion Residency- Bling Tigers
October Communion Residency- Bling Tigers


These ladies are interesting creatures. I can hardly imagine what (I assume their) life would be like…drinking heavily and performing “lude” songs for complete strangers in cities across the country. It takes some special ladies, I guess. As ridiculous as they are, it is hard not to chuckle along with their songs and, like we’ve pointed out before, think about the truth behind them.

See ya’ll at Zanzabar Friday!

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