A trip to the farm and true America

Dang Louisville weather has been pretty crummy. Luckily, the rain held off long enough so that we could enjoy a summer sunset concert out on Foxhollow Farm. One of the lovely things about this series is the fact that it is out 30 minutes from the city on a legit farm. The change of pace is novel and endearing, and truthfully something that every city-liver should take advantage of every so often. I mean what is more comforting than children playing on hay bales, a sunset over the field and the fragrances of different fresh herbage? Maybe it is the just the Indiana girl in me, but putting that in combination with some local tunes sounds like an amazing evening to me.

Foxhollow Farm Summer Sunset concert series
Foxhollow Farm Summer Sunset concert series

This particular Friday night, with the grass still soaked from a downpour earlier in the day and the potential for a repeat, Howell Dawdy and A Lion Named Roar took over the back porch of the farm house on site. The crowd, which was not at normal capacity, probably because of the rain, gathered around the “stage.” Howell Dawdy’s brand of entertainment was a bit of a shock for the mostly family-oriented crowd, which made me outwardly laugh a bit. However, clearly some fans were in touch with HD’s work, as one young fan brought along a fire extinguisher to add as a prop for the song of that name. A Lion Named Roar seemed a little more the crowd’s style, as the Louisville band played covers, old and new work. It was exciting to hear that they have been the studio recording, right down the road in fact. Drummer Zach Hunter had us cracking up as he played a Little Caesar’s box as a replacement snare drum – he’s looking for an endorsement now I believe.

We headed next to the New Vintage for polar experience with Discount Guns, Turbo Fruits and Birdcloud. As natural and family friendly as the Foxhollow Farm event was, this Friday night lineup was pretty much as opposite as it could be. Discount Guns are a Louisville band that we’ve seen a couple times and each time we’re blown away by both the versatility and energy the duo brings. The guys are a super dynamic and entertaining pair – check them out ASAP if you have not seen them yet. Next up was Nashville’s Turbo Fruits, a band who is well-known here in town and seems to be here quite often – they’ll be back for the Seven Sense Festival later in August. Their live shows are crazy fun and their new album is a nice addition to their repertoire. Finishing off was Birdcloud, another Nashville band. This pair of ladies has become well known for the antics and pretty up-front commentary on what real America (and country) is. They opened up with “F*** You Cop” and we got the idea of what their work was about pretty quickly – lots of boozey, drug-induced debauchery and topics that you might be thinking about but aren’t wiling to say out lou. Their sound is slightly abrasive, and I believe is done so purposely, making what they sing about really stand out. It is so obnoxious that you have to laugh a little bit, while still remembering the irony of how truthful it all is.

Having been out of town this was a perfect way to get my groove back here in town and now I’m ready for more.


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