The Lone Bellow “factor”

It has become quite customary that I end up nearly as sweaty as The Lone Bellow‘s Brian Elmquist and Zach Williams at the end of a TLB show. I can’t help myself from screeching along to every song, jumping about all ‘nimbly-bimbly” AKA a hot damn mess.

We’ve expressed how much we love their live performances…multiple times. And this night was no different – it is mind-boggling how I could love their songs even more when performed live. They are just such a charming group, and watching their emotions (which are like a Kentucky road – hilly, terrifying and beautiful all at the same time) play out on stage in front of us is an unmatched experience. We always notice the easy-to-miss intimate moments between Kanene and Jason Pipkin as well as the overt joy (and maybe even misery) Zach and Brian display while performing.

We must have been so eager to have The Lone Bellow back in town that we imagined front man Zach saying they’d be around in March – we dispelled the mishearing after the show while our friend Nichole was getting her set list signed and a pic with the band. He did make mention that they’d likely be in the studio recording here in the next six months or so, which is equally exciting news. We heard a couple songs that will likely appear on this next production, so keep you ears tuned for “Lovely in Blue” among others.

Anderson East and his smooth, seductive self, I mean voice, will be back in town this January, however. And we’ll absolutely be at that Headliners show.


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