Live Music Lou does Lollapalooza 2015

Aubrey: It’s fairly safe to say that a dream was fulfilled this past weekend: attending Lollapalooza. Since high school, when I first heard of this remarkable weekend of the best that the music industry has to offer, I’ve wanted to go. I worked hard for our Friday tickets and am able to say that I have now experienced Lolla. The sheer magnitude of everything about Lollapalooza was a bit of a shock for us. It was waaaaay bigger than any festival I’ve ever been to, but it was clear that this was on a different level: well planned by people who know what the hell their doing, making the unbelievable lineup at least strategically realistic.

Here are some of our highlights from our day at the festival:

Best Dance Party:

Aub: Glass Animals (who we had just seen four days before) was the first band we saw upon arriving and getting our bearings, and I immediately lost all inhibitions and got weird. We stayed pretty far from the stage (trying to catch some breeze to cool off) but that did not stop me personally from just going for it.

Britt: I’d heard of Hot Chip but didn’t know too many of their songs. It didn’t matter. The entire crowd was one giant dance party. I even tried to get a Snap I took of people’s dance moves on the Lolla Snap Story…to no avail but it was worth the shot.

Best Energy:

Aub: Bear’s Den made a comment that they thought five people would show up for their BMI Stage set. Their gratitude was felt by the entire (large) group of people gathered at the shaded stage and really made for a positive experience for everyone there.

Britt: Father John Misty‘s set was obviously for adults, in part because many of his songs were making fun of the young’ns. It was nice to not be surrounded by butt cheeks and full-price Urban Outfitters for one show, making it exponentially more enjoyable for everyone there. Also, his sarcasm and wit are hysterical.

Best Outfit:

Aub: I was surprised by the lack of interesting attire by both attendees and artists. That being said, I am always impressed with how sharp certain acts look even when the heat is border line unbearable. St. Paul & The Broken Bones and Father John Misty kept with their customary garbs and rocked their suits better than anybody else could. I also loved Brittany Howard‘s get-up – super comfy, flowy and patterned, AKA ideal festival gear.

Britt: You know, I’m just going to have to agree with Aubrey on that one. Where was the craziness?

Best Crowd:

Aub: alt-J had the sunset set on the Bud Light stage and the gradually darkening skies brought out something special in the crowd, me most definitely included. They may not be the most charismatic dudes out there, but their music (which I inexplicably always end up making up random words to) does something right in my book.

Britt: I think Paul McCartney could be placed in most of these categories because he’s basically a god, but I think this one fits the best for me. I’d never seen him before so that made it even more special, but the whole crowd was just so into the performance. I don’t think anyone (Aubrey and myself included) stopped singing for 2+ hours that he was on stage.

Biggest Surprise:

Aub: Sylvan Esso’s recorded stuff is on point and I was a little concerned with how that would translate to a live performance. There was no need for my worry as the duo tore it up and left me wanting more. I would LOVE to see them here sometime soon.

Britt: I wasn’t expecting to be quite as into Bear’s Den as I actually was. Now, that could partly be the shaded stage area, but the vibe there was awesome, from the crowd and band alike.

Best Scenery:

Aub: Um the entire place? Now I would’ve loved to have had a better view of the water (just being picky here) but having that epic skyline as a constant backdrop is probably unmatched.

Britt: From the Samsung Galaxy Stage, the view was incredible. You had the entire skyline in your immediate vision. While I love Louisville, the skyline is nowhere near as impressive.

Best Stage:

Aub: I was really into the combo of the Bud Light and Palladia stages mainly because of the acts on both lineups but also because of the proximity – it would be really easy to spend your entire day on that side of the grounds.

Britt: Probably Palladia. The downward slope was on point so you could actually see the artists, and the bands coming through there were ones we’re big fans of.

Best Overall Performance:

Aub: Goddamnit Sir Paul, that was worth the price of the ticket by itself. The Brittany Howard appearance really rocked and hearing some of my favorite Beatles and McCartney songs in the flesh was an almost surreal experience.

Britt: Every time Brittany Howard opens her mouth I get chills. Goosebumps everywhere. It’s happening right now just thinking about it. Aside from the brief mic glitch in the middle of their set, Alabama Shakes blew it out of the water. Their soulfulness really just seeps into your skin and reels you in. There aren’t that many bands that can successfully do that.

Who’s coming to Louisville soon?

A million artists have been through Louisville in the recent past, which is casually huge. Here’s a few we know will be coming in the near future, though I’m sure this list will grow.

Moon Taxi – August 29Zella Day – September 12, Father John Misty – October 8

-Aubrey & Brittany

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