For a Monday night, there was a lot of hazey stuff going on at Headliners. (Literally, though. Our camera kept fogging up.) The Oxford, England gents of the indie psych band Glass Animals were in town for what turned out to be a sweaty and sultry evening. Front man Dave Bayley noticed and commented that Louisville was out to party for a Monday night, and it was hard to dispute that.

Hazey Glass Animals at Headliners
Hazey Glass Animals at Headliners

The temperature inside of our favorite hall, that was overflowing with people, likely reached a balmy 90°+ and the humidity was probably around that percent as well. Although it was not exactly comfortable for anyone, it kind of fit with the ambiance of Glass Animals’ music. Dave Bayley and boys have ridden their first (and only) album Zaba to unbelievable heights (their crowd at Lollapalooza is a testament to this), and in my opinion the unique sound of the album really makes them stand out. With songs like “Hazey,” “Pools” and “Gooey,” their exotic sound is pretty apparent and the tropical environment was actually quite fitting. The heat (and subsequent sweat) and their equatorial elements ultimately made for what was a pretty sensual experience. A couple next to us even got engaged in the middle of the show! I think the dancing, make outs and excessive perspiration could have all made it into any of their music videos. No one seemed to mind the extreme conditions as the packed house was all moving and singing along, despite how disgusting we all really were.

We got to talk to drummer Joe Seaward beforehand for our Do502 preview and the guys all seem like people we’d enjoy hanging out with – sounds like keyboardist Drew MacFarlane likes climbing on stuff and gets himself into some funny situations. Though their music (and fame) continues to grow, they still are twenty-somethings like us who do weird stuff – an interesting thing we often forget.

This is probably the “biggest” band we’ve talked to thus far and their live show once again lived up to high expectations that we’ve set for them. They said they are currently singularly on tour, and will probably take some time to chill when they return to England. BUT I’m hoping that means work on album two will begin shortly thereafter, which means they’ll be back here to share it with us.





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