Citizen Cope invigorates Headliners crowd

With school starting, we’ve been on a bit of the “real world” grind and taking it easy in terms of our concert load – this responsible lifestyle kind of sucks, but is a necessity at this time of the year. However, with Citizen Cope and his full band stopping by Headliners, we couldn’t miss this one. I can’t speak for Brittany, but after a long week of school-prep and meetings galore, I went into this show pretty tired but came out reinvigorated.

Thinking about what Citizen Cope means in terms of my music library, The Clarence Greenwood Recordings was definitely a mainstay on my iPod during early high school. The absolutely timeless hunk (seriously, 47 looks REAL good on him), Clarence Greenwood has somehow also created classic songs. Citizen Cope songs seem to have that “something” that can be loved for a long time. The rest of the crowd included a lot of boyfriends who were their to see one of their musical heroes, and girlfriends there to kind of just be there. Our single lady perspectives noted tons of dudes really into the set, while trying to please their ladies with drinks and limited dancing – gals, the fellas really just wanted to jam with Greenwood. Also noted, some of the best smelling dreads maybe ever.

The evening was closed out with a mainly crowd-led rendition of “Sideways” proving how meaningful Citizen Cope has been to many people. It was a pretty powerful ending to what could have easily been a low energy night for me.


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