Grace is up to some fabulous solo stuff

It must be a pretty badass feeling to know that all of the ladies want to be you, and all of the dudes (and prob. ladies too, to be honest) want to be all over you. That chick would be none other than the beautiful and talented Grace Potter. She returned to Louisville a couple of weeks ago to a crowd that loved her so much they were throwing their bras on stage.

Grace was last in town for Forecastle in 2013, when she donned a similarly barely-there outfit and rocked the hell out of the guitar, keys and vocals. This time, playing at Iroquois Amphitheater, she was here in support of her new (about to be released) solo album, Midnight. For the show, the set list included tunes – and dance moves – from her full repertoire of work. Although she may be straying into new territory without the Nocturnals, we (and the rest of Louisville) are definitely into it.


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