Forecastle has become another summertime tradition since our move three years ago. It has been amazing to see and hear how this festival has developed from its humble beginnings just down the road from our house in Tyler Park to this national event down on the stunning Waterfront. So looking at our full schedule, we’ve got a pretty ridiculous three days ahead of us. That being said, there are definitely a few shows that we will absolutely not be missing, and you shouldn’t miss them either.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Friday @ 5:30pm Mast Stage

Last year, St. Paul & The Broken Bones sold out and blew the roof off of Headliners at their Forecastle Late Night show (as well as a followup show in November). Their energy is something else, just like the style of their music. Having them on this lineup really speaks to the diversity of the artists this year as a whole – we love it.

San Fermin – Friday @ 6:15pm WFPK Port Stage

This eight person band has a lot happening both on and off-stage. Their new album Jackrabbit has been hugely successful – you know you’ve heard “Emily” and “Jackrabbit” nonstop on WFPK. On stage, the combination of vocals, keys, brass, violin and drums is overwhelming, but in a good way. If you haven’t seen them live before, you’re in for a treat. We talked with Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and it sounds like both their evening and late night sets are going to be amazing.

Houndmouth – Friday @ 8:30pm Boom Stage

Talk about an amazing year for this “hometown” band. Closing out the Boom Stage on day one is a major reward and testament to the growth and popularity of Houndmouth. Their show at The Brown a few months back was a lot of fun, but seeing these guys with the (very high) Ohio River in the background will be something special.

Mariachi El Bronx – Saturday @ 1:30pm Mast Stage

Another band with Louisville ties? Yep, this mariachi style band (connected to, yet very different from The Bronx) includes bass and trumpet player Brad Magers, a former resident of Louisville. Even in this early time slot, the band will bring it. It will be hard not to enjoy their set.

Dr. Dundiff & Friends – Saturday @ 4:00pm Ocean Stage

We had the opportunity to chat with this Louisville producer and hip-hop mogul about his special set this weekend. He had to work a little bit harder to get his Saturday slot (remember #dundiff2forecastle?) but has plans to take full advantage of the opportunity. Twelve of the city’s biggest names in the local music (specifically hip-hop) scene will be joining him on stage for one big party. This will be one of his last shows here in town as he is heading west to pursue his producing career, so come wish him well at this can’t miss set!

Shovels & Rope – Saturday @ 6:15pm Boom Stage

This group is clearly very loved by Louisville – this is their third trip back in since the new year! The show will be special as the couple recently announced they are expecting their first baby. This Forecastle set will be one of their last for a while as they work on the whole parenting thing.

My Morning Jacket – Saturday @ 9:15pm Mast Stage

If they’re not the biggest band to have come out of Louisville, they’re certainly up there. Somehow, we still have not seen them play (we were there for Jim James a couple of years ago, but not the whole band), so the 2 1/2 hour Saturday night show is definitely high on our priority list.

White Reaper – Sunday @ 2:45pm WFPK Port Stage

For real, you either need to be at their Late Night show Saturday at Headliners or their Sunday afternoon set (or both is okay, too). Combine the fact that they have a brand spanking new album out with the overall insanity at their live shows, and you’re getting a show will likely be one that’s remembered. The word is out on these Louisville guys.

First Aid Kit – Sunday @ 3:00pm Mast Stage

These Swedish sisters released their third album Stay Gold just over a year ago and have had a lot of international success. While it may be difficult to decide between White Reaper, Over The Rhine and this indie-pop duo, you can at least see the last half of their performance without having to forego another show.

Modest Mouse – Sunday @ 6:45pm Mast Stage

They’ve been on tour over the last year or so for the first time in a long time, releasing some new music as well. We saw them at Shaky Knees in 2014 and their show was certainly a hit. Expect this act to be loud and high-energy – a good way to keep you invigorated after an action-packed weekend.

We hope to see you out there and don’t be afraid to say hi!!

-Aubrey and Brittany


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