Plum Simply Amazing: Found Footage at Headliners  

A dear friend and fellow teacher joined us for the Found Footage Festival at Headliners.  Erin has an arts background and agreed to write about our non-musical adventure in this guest post:

Found Footage Festival at Headliners
Found Footage Festival at Headliners

Friday night welcomed a change of pace for Headliners Music Hall with the fascinating and oh-so-funky Found Footage Festival.  Curated and narrated by the hilarious Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, the FFF takes audiences back in time to the gone but not forgotten VHS era. Prueher and Pickett forage thrift stores and yard sales to find tapes that reveal just how f-ing weird mankind is. The result is the Found Footage Fest, a collection of bizarre, laugh-out-loud and often shocking clips interspersed with the sidesplitting commentary of Prueher and Pickett. Some favorite clips included the informative tutorial “Cybersex on the Internet,” complete with dial-up Internet and a topless narrator; the reunion of John and Johnny, home shopping network hosts from the eighties brought together again by Prueher and Pickett; and “Accidents Stink!” a chillingly graphic instructional video for home caregivers. And who could forget “The Club,” a lengthy home video featuring a young guy convinced a worn branch is a prehistoric weapon.  The faceless, nameless guy describes the club as “plum simply amazing” too many times to count, appropriately capturing my feeling toward the evening. Wacky and weird but also oddly endearing, the Found Footage Festival is pee-in-your-pants comedy that left me laughing and scratching my head for days.


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