10 musicians, 1 stage, big sound- The Suffers

With ten musicians making up The Suffers, I was a little worried how this crew would fit on the already tight Zanzabar stage. No worries though, this eclectic Houston-based band that likes to move made it work and impressed an engaged crowd Wednesday night.

Their sound covers all types of genres, probably because of the sheer volume of instruments being played.  The trombone, trumpet and sax give a kind of 20’s big band feel, while the conga drums and percussion add a slightly latin-island vibe.  And then there is Kam Franklin and her breathtaking voice. Simply put, she is amazing.  Even though there is so much going on (I mean there are nine other people moving and grooving behind and around her) it is so hard to tear your eyes from this charismatic lead singer.  Her vocal talent and range is huge, taking their songs through jazz, R&B and soul moments.  Their EP Make Some Room is a collaborative effort that covers some very personal topics, but it definitely highlights Franklin’s sensual voice.  What this all adds up to is a fan base that is as diverse as the instruments on the stage.

After the show, the entire band mingled with fans that had stayed to chat.  If you purchased a CD like we did, all 10 members passed around a sharpie and signed it for you.  In casual conversation they let it slip that they were on Letterman (the day before Houndmouth was in fact) which is definitely not a casual accomplishment.  Their network television debut had a lot of people talking- The Suffers are certainly on the rise and I hope they come back to Louisville again soon.


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