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Spirit Animal sneaks into Louisville and makes a raucous

New York based, true party band, Spirit Animal impressed a small but willing crowd at Haymarket Whiskey Bar last night.  The bands’ well designed and expertly crafted hard to describe, pop-funk-rock sound was incredibly entertaining as was their epic dance moves. Lead singer Steve Cooper is a sight to see- his overt charisma could woo any crowd, even one as small as last night’s.  Although the crowd was pretty sparse, the whole band was fully committed to putting on a good show and you could tell they were holding little back.  Seriously, bassist Paul Michel’s moves were an excellent match for Cooper. We only heard about this show a few days ago, from Do502’s Jeffrey Smith, but otherwise had seen very little promoting for it, which is such a shame!  They said this was their fourth or fifth time in Louisville and I hope that Spirit Animal will make the trek back down again soon, hopefully with a little more fanfare in preparation for their arrival.


Spirit Animal at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Spirit Animal at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

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