We saw them first – December’s Winter Wednesday

We’ve mentioned Waterfront and Winter Wednesday before, but I really can’t say enough times how awesome it is to have such a great public radio station that puts on concerts like these. And since a lot of funding comes from supporting members, it really is comforting to know that so many people in our little Louisville community care enough about good music to allow WFPK to host such amazing bands. This month’s Winter Wednesday was no exception. Louisville based Kyle James Hauser opened the show and was followed by the up and coming Knox Hamilton from Little Rock, Arkansas.

The recent hype for Kyle James Hauser mainly came about from his single on the Belle 100: Steamboat Songs compilation titled “Love You Like a River.” I was disappointed that Kyle didn’t play it at this Winter Wednesday, but he apologized, so there’s no hard feelings. He did bust out a banjo jam that his Kentucky audience ate right up. Renowned bluegrass fiddler Michael Cleveland joined Kyle on stage and delivered a stellar performance. Looking around the Clifton Center I’m pretty sure it ended up being standing room only for latecomers, and it was obvious why.

Stacy Owen said, “I hope you’ll say, ‘I heard them here first at Winter Wednesday at the Clifton Center!'” as she introduced Knox Hamilton. I’ve got a good feeling that you’re going to be right, Stacy. Knox Hamilton may not even have an EP released yet, but the crowd sang along to the chorus of their hit that has been regularly played on WFPK, “Work it Out.” We’ll be seeing more of them again in January when they open for Civil Twilight at Headliners so we have time to get to know the verses, too.

Thanks to WFPK, The Clifton Center, all of the sponsors, and especially to Kyle James Hauser and Knox Hamilton for the great Wednesday!


Kyle James Hauser at Clifton Center for Winter Wednesday
Kyle James Hauser at Clifton Center for Winter Wednesday
Knox Hamilton at Clifton Center for Winter Wednesday
Knox Hamilton at Clifton Center for Winter Wednesday

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