Steelism delivers instrumental set at Zbar

I caught a glimpse of Steelism at the July Waterfront Wednesday this year as they opened up for Ben Sollee, but as you all know by now, timing can be a bit of an issue, so I wasn’t able to see them play a full set. We made up for that this past Friday, thanks to Do502. I don’t think too many instrumental bands could hold the attention of the entire audience the way that Steelism did at Zanzabar. Leading men Jeremy Fetzer and Sencer Collum drew you in and didn’t let go. At one point, I actually had to remember to blink because all I wanted to do was watch Collum work his magic on the pedal steel guitar. Their James Taylor cover of “Something in The Way She Moves” was an amazing way to round out the evening. I feel certain they we’ll see them again very soon, as they seem to have made good friends with those in the Louisville music business. We highly highly recommend!


Steelism at Zanzabar
Steelism at Zanzabar

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