Entranced by Glass Animals

Every so often, I will hear a song on WFPK that immediately catches my attention and becomes an obsession for a couple of days.  A few examples: “Change” by Banks, “Since Last Wednesday” by Highasakite, and “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance… you get the idea.  Well, a few weeks ago, I heard “Gooey,” and immediately was sucked in to the weird dream-like song. Fast forward a week, and I was Duke‘s lucky caller, winning tickets to Glass Animals‘ December 2nd show at Headliners.  I got to school and listened to “Gooey” as a little Monday pump-up and made the connection that I had just won tickets to see these guys!  Sounds like fate to me.

For a Tuesday night, the crowd at Headliners was nice sized and everyone appeared to truly want to be there- no more chatters and floaters back by the bar, EVERYONE was pushed up towards the front of the stage.  The boys of Glass Animals seemed to really feed off of the crowd’s enthusiasm, especially front man, Dave Bayley.  He admitted that he enjoyed watching everyone’s dancing as well as seeing himself in the mirror back by the bar.  Their sound and visuals (the over-sized, patterned banner for example) really do put you in a trance- I couldn’t help bobbing with the beat and certainly couldn’t tear my eyes away.

If they haven’t started getting calls from festivals for the 2015 season, they definitely will.  And the typical festival goers, in their festival zone, will absolutely LOVE what Glass Animals does.  I think that the group would fit in well with a typical Forecastle line-up, probably finding their way to the Red Bull stage under the bypass.  I certainly wouldn’t be mad if that came to be.

Glass Animals at Headliners
Glass Animals at Headliners
Glass Animals at Headliners
Glass Animals at Headliners

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