Teddy is indeed taking over

So I randomly saw on Twitter last weekend that the lovely and talented [doesn’t like to be called “child prodigy”] Teddy Abrams was having an open house at his new Market Street home with live performances by members of the Louisville Orchestra all day. It was part of NuLu’s Holiday Open House, which apparently I didn’t know about until approximately 3:00 that day. It was a last minute decision to head there, and I knew I’d be arriving toward the end, but that’s usually my style anyway. The sign outside said the event was going on until 5:00, so I figured that arriving at 4:00 would be fine.

My arrival was uncomfortable for everyone involved. I actually said out loud, “Well, this is uncomfortable.” [I’m still kicking myself for actually saying that to the director of the Louisville Orchestra. In his own home. That he opened up so graciously to the public. This is what happens when Aubrey leaves me to venture out on my own.] It turned out that the last of the musicians were packing up and leaving, and it felt to me like the 5 people in the room all turned and stared at me at the same time. Of course I knew who he was, but I think I was babbling as if I had no idea what I was doing there, so everyone definitely thought I was just this weird girl who fell for the “$1 million for the 1 millionth visitor!” sign out front. Don’t worry – that wasn’t the only reason.

I think Teddy [we’re on a first name basis now, right?] took pity on this poor girl and asked if I wanted him to play the organ for a bit since I had missed the others. Who was I to turn down such an offer?! I immediately saw what so many others have seen in this extremely talented man. His fingers glided over the keys so quickly that you could barely keep up. You could tell he was just thoroughly enjoying himself, even turning on the outdoor speakers so that people walking by could get a show, too. Eventually, a few others trickled in, and I felt less awkward about the whole encounter, and simple reveled in the fact that I had essentially a private performance from the director, himself. How many people can say that?

After leaving, I almost unintentionally followed him in to Bermuda Highway, Katie Toupin‘s new boutique, but detoured instead for caffeine and vinyl at Please & Thank You. I thought that might have been a bit much for one day. I later saw my unread November issue of Louisville Magazine on my coffee table, read Dylon Jones’ article, and laughed to myself at the fact that I knew exactly what Andy Warhol-esque chair he referenced and guessed that he would mention the Phantom of the Opera tidbit before I saw it. It was a pretty surreal day. A violinist I met strongly urged me to go see an Orchestra performance. All I have to say is, “Yes.”


Teddy Abrams at his Market Street home
Teddy Abrams at his Market Street home
Louisville Magazine's Teddy Abrams feature
Louisville Magazine’s Teddy Abrams feature

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