Our thanks, Justin Townes Earle

Thank you, Justin Townes Earle. I am glad you came to visit Headliners last Friday night. Thank you, Headliners Music Hall, for the complimentary tickets from the Matt the Electrician & Justin Paul Lewis show the night before. Thank you, WFPK, for sponsoring this talented musician.

I’m sorry, JTE, that you had to remind that man in the middle multiple times that you don’t take requests from anyone but your wife. And sorry to those security guards that had to escort that guy out – he must have been pretty terrible because you didn’t even have to do that to the girl who climbed up the speaker during Brett Dennen’s “Wild Child” last spring.

I’m sorry, people in the back, that your ears didn’t get to experience the mellow and heartfelt music coming from the band on the stage. And sorry to the incredibly loud, rude man behind us at the show. Yes, I heard every word you said and that’s why we responded in a less than positive way.

Thank you, JTE, for serenading us with your thoughtful lyrics and contradictory traditional yet modern country sound. I don’t particularly care for “country” music, but you do it the right way. And every time I see you – doesn’t matter where or under what circumstances – I’ve had and will continue to have a great time.


Justin Townes Earle at Headliners
Justin Townes Earle at Headliners

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