A quiet evening with Justin Paul Lewis & Matt the Electrician

Headliners certainly takes on a new feel when it’s a seated show. Only a handful of folks were in the audience for this one, but everyone was enjoying the almost private performance by two great singer/songwriters. We got there toward the end of Louisville native Justin Paul Lewis‘ set. While we normally struggle to make it to the opening act, JPL was one we didn’t want to miss. His soulful Americana sound draws you in and holds on tight, not letting you think about anything else while he serenades you. Matt the Electrician has a similar effect, his quirky fidgeting only adding to his appeal. You can tell that everything he sings about is incredibly heartfelt and real, making him even more likable. It’s musicians like these two that raise the bar for other singer/songwriters, and we hope they continue doing what they’re doing.

Shout out to Laura Shine & WFPK for these tickets. We’re always very appreciative!


Matt the Electrician at Headliners
Matt the Electrician at Headliners
Justin Paul Lewis at Headliners
Justin Paul Lewis at Headliners

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