Getting intimate with Tokyo Police Club & Arkells

Act I: We show up late per usual, (sorry, openers) but the first band is still playing. Arkells, harking from Ontario, is rocking the stage, with a surprising number of dedicated fans. You can immediately tell that they’re Canadian, but lead vocalist Max Kerman babbles about his love for Southern accents in a story that introduces the song, “Leather Jacket.” They play a few more songs and then leave the stage. We make a note to research the band in our free time.

Intermission: We spot some friends who scored tickets from Do502. Meanwhile, we say hello to owner & managing partner, Jeffrey Smith.

Act II: Some people have left, and I’m sure it’s disappointing to not have a full room, but Tokyo Police Club looks out and sees fans who are very much excited about being there. We comment about how many bros are in the audience and are totally loving it. David Monks‘ unique voice lulls the crowd, Graham Wright assisting with the high notes. Throughout the rest of the night, the audience loosens up, dancing and jamming along with the guys.

We’re sorry we couldn’t stay for the encore, but we enjoyed the chance to reminisce about our similar experience with you all in Atlanta for Shaky Knees. We hope that the Tuesday night turnout at The New Vintage wasn’t a letdown because I know I speak for many when I say Louisville wants to see you back soon.


Tokyo Police Club at The New Vintage
Tokyo Police Club at The New Vintage

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