tUnE-yArDs takes on HDL

Was everyone and their mother at this Wednesday night show? Sure seemed like it. Some of our regular sightings showed up, a few new ones, and then a couple who we missed (talking about you, KM). I first heard tUnE-yArDs on WFKP earlier this year and was intrigued by their unique sound. And I hear their Forecastle performance drew quite the crowd. Still, I was not expecting the turnout that we saw last night, especially for a Wednesday. I learned that Dani Markham, the percussionist, is from Louisville so I’m assuming that had something to do with it. The crowd was loving every minute of the weird artistic beautiful chaotic show. From the zombie-esque still life moments to the set design, it was one of the most interesting shows I’ve been to and we got to hear some really amazing music. What more could we need? Oh, wait, maybe for the bouncer to recognize us as regulars again so that when Aubrey forgets her ID, she doesn’t have to be doubled X-ed. That’s not too much, right?


tUnE-yArDs at Headliners
tUnE-yArDs at Headliners
tUnE-yArDs at Headliners
tUnE-yArDs at Headliners

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