Birthday Part III- St. Lucia

The last event of the birthday concert celebration week was St. Lucia at Headliners.  I saw St. Lucia briefly under the bridge on the Red Bull stage at Forecastle, and although I didn’t catch their entire set (had to head over to Gary Clark Jr) it was one of the most memorable acts of the weekend. The high energy and VERY catchy lyrics made for a great show that Friday afternoon, and I was expecting the same for this show.  I had seen a post from Headliners on Facebook or Instagram boasting about the incredible light set-up that the band was bringing with them which excited me even more.  The crowd wasn’t the size of OK Go a few nights before, but that meant there was plenty of space for me to dance around, which is exactly what I did.  Jean-Philip Grobler is an incredibly talented man and has put together a great group of musicians to back up his distinct vocal abilities with a fun electronic-pop vibe.  It is very clear that St. Lucia has a blast performing together and that translated into me frolicking around having a great time for my birthday. ​


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