Headliners announces socially distanced ‘parking-lot shows’.

The beloved venue will hold three nights of concerts October 23-October 25 in the Headliners and Distillery Commons Parking Lot

Headliners Music Hall will host their first-ever parking lot concert series on October 23, 24 and 25th. Fleetwood Mac tribute band, Back2Mac, will headline Friday, October 23, with alt indie-rock outfit Jaye Jayle‘s Prisyn Album Release Party, out on Sargent Records, on October 24 and SMTN TO DO – A Pull Up Day Party closing out the weekend on October 25. Doors for all three shows will be at 5pm ET, with the show starting at 7pm. 

Headliners is a part of the recently unveiled LOVS – Louisville Operating Venues Safely. Find more information on show safety guidelines here.

Each band will select a charity organization to benefit from the concert. Headliners has chosen the National Independent Venue Alliance as their benefiting charity, as the series falls within Independent Venue Week 2020.  

Tickets to Back2Mac on October 24 here:

Tickets to Jaye Jayle Prisyn Album Release Party October 25 here:

Tickets to SMTN TO DO – A Pull Up Day Party on October 26 here:

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