Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 19 – 25

Monday (3/19) – 

OHMME, Mother Runaway

Tuesday (3/20) – 

Period Bomb, Bathroom Laws, Transgression, Street Rat

Wednesday (3/21) – 

Ryan Caraveo

GoodFOLK Writers Round: Britton Patrick Morgan, Derrick Wade Manley, Alanna Fugate

Every week, Goodwood presents the GoodFOLK Writers Round, featuring three local musicians. This sounds like a great way to get through the midweek blues.

Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, Violin Bruh

Thursday (3/22) – 

Atmosphere, Evidence

Bruised Fruit, Bon Air

It’s been a while since we’ve caught a Bon Air show – the Louisville band always promises a good time.

Friday (3/23) – 

Small Time Napoleon, Krystal Peterson

We’ve missed your living room, Dusty! Small Time Napoleon are obvious Lou faves, and taking a quick listen to Krystal Peterson makes me think this is the show of the night.

Zach Longoria Project, The Broomestix

Even with Zbar’s expansion, it’s hard to believe that all of ZLP fits on the stage. Come see for yourself!

Big Momma Thorazine, Frogbelly and Symphony

Get this fun poster if you come to their show.


GRLwood, The Delighters, Karen Meat, Dubb Nubb, Pkew Pkew Pkew

Mag Bar has a full lineup for the evening.

Brad Paisley

If arena country rock is your thing, hit up Britt for a Lyft/Uber ride to/from the Yum! Center. For real, though, gotta make that money.

Saturday (3/24) – 

Festival of American Music 1 ft. Lizzie No, Tyrone Cotton, Ben Sollee, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, and Paul Kowert

Part 1 of the Festival of American Music features lots of Louisville greats, and also visiting musician Lizzie No. Teddy Abrams will be conducting the Louisville Orchestra for the evening. Every year, we hear this is a great performance!

The Last Origin, Johnny Conqueroo, Quality Cable


Velcro Pygmies

Boyz II Men

They’re still around! And they’re playing over at the casino, so go gamble a little and enjoy the show.

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