Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 5 – 11

Tuesday (3/6) – 

The Love Yourself Tour

A group of bad ass women will be at Lola on The Love Yourself Tour. “The Love Yourself theme represents a call to action as society navigates challenging cultural and political climates in America and abroad.”

Rain – A tribute to The Beatles

The Kentucky Center is going to be busy this week. The hugely monumental Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is 50 years old and this show will pay tribute to the entire album.

Industry night ft. Twin Sister Radio

This is the industry night of your dreams: cheap drinks, fresh popcorn, and a free show!

Wednesday (3/7) – 

Miguel, Sir, Nonchalant Savant

Fresh of his Oscar performance, Miguel is coming to town for the annual U of L Spring show.

Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones, The High Divers

Zbar hosts these two South Carolina bands.

GoodFOLK Writers Round: Morgan Shallcross, Jim McGee, Charles Price

Thursday (3/8) – 

The Werks

Chief Keef

I’m gonna be real, when I hear my students singing/rapping/playing Chief Keef’s songs, I shutter. And at the same time, I need to see what is up.

Image result for gif chief keef sosa

Stuyedeyed, Cat Casual & The Final Word


WFPK Jazz Night with Jacob Duncan & Friends

Free jazz sponsored by WFPK.

The Spins | March

Head to Against The Grain for this Vinyl Me, Please event to mark the 10th anniversary of Beach House’s Devotion.

Friday (3/9) – 

Vale, GRLwood, Joann & The Dakota, Mosquito

Iron Chic, Call Me Bronco, Nowhere Fast

Mic Harrison & The High Score, Dave Ernst & The Early Favorites, John Clay

If you’re a WFPK Roots & Boots fan, this is your night.

Jammin’ at Jeptha – Whiskey Bent Valley Boys

A Friday night spent at a distillery will always be good, especially since it is signaling the start of warmer weather. Enjoy music the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys and food from Four Moore’s.

Fela Booty, Brandon Coleman Trio

Jazz option number 1. If authentic speak easy vibes (literally hidden under a sandwich shop) is what you need, Jimmy Can’t Dance is the spot.

Late Night Jazz: Marlin McKay

Jazz option number 2. If you need snacks, The Butchertown Social should be your pick.

Saturday (3/10) – 

If you can make it out after the infamous Bardstown Road St. Paddy’s Day Parade, then you have a range of options to keep on partying.

Middle Eastern Music & Dance Jam: Shimmydown Social

So apparently this is becoming a monthly event. Ever wanted to learn how to belly dance? This is your chance!

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

Michael Cleveland is one talented human. I remember how blow away we were the first time we saw him (and had no clue who he was). This collaborative show with the Louisville Orchestra will once again morph this orchestra into something you probably have never experienced.

Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native, Martha Redbone Trio

Everyone’s favorite cellist is back in town and has some fresh new tunes to share!

Dawg Yawp, Bendigo Fletcher

White Buffalo Woman, Some Day Soon, Silver Spoons

Sunday (3/11) – 

Songbird Sundays: Sheryl Rouse, The Teedee Young Band

It appears this is becoming a monthly event, too! The theme for this inaugural event is Blues, Blue Jeans, & BBQ.

Littlefoot, Soft Self Portraits

Part Bird, oldsoul, Quality Cable

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