We’ve missed you, QH

The ol’ boys from Quiet Hollers had another hometown show at Headliners (their last being the fun ass masquerade party to celebrate the release of their self titled album) but this time it was more of a homecoming. Like friends you haven’t seen in some time, their was excitement in the air that transitioned to ease and comfort from the reunion. Amen Breaks is the new album, and this was the first chance for many Louisville folks to hear it live, us included. In general, it still has the staples of a QH album (Shadwick’s emotional lyrics, the violin) but the tone is different. It’s a little softer, gentler, sadder.

It has been fun to watch the progression of Quiet Hollers over the years. They have gone from local regulars to international travelers. When this blog started out, Quiet Hollers were consistently playing festivals and shows around town, and we found ourselves at many of them. A couple of albums and European tours later, Quiet Hollers have truly evolved into something that people all over the country – and world – are listening to.


Check out our full album:

Quiet Hollers

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