Moon Taxi: A Band Designed for Live Shows

Because you all already know how we feel about a live show with Moon Taxi, here are some thoughts from our pal Andrew. For our full Flickr album, click on the photo below.

Moon Taxi

Don’t tell Aubrey and Brittany, but a year ago I hadn’t even heard of Moon Taxi.  Back in May they weren’t shy about telling me that they had seen them ten times and that Moon Taxi was one of their all-time favorite bands. Multiple times they told me that this was a true CAN’T MISS show. So I went into Saturday night with a lot of hype to see them. Did Moon Taxi deliver? Yes, yes they did.

Moon Taxi is a Nashville group of five led by vocalist and guitarist Trevor Terndrup. Some would call them indie rock, others prog rock, and even alternative might fit at times. They’re a band that doesn’t shy away from crossing genres. Personally I definitely heard reminiscent of early 80s new wave like The Police, the early 2000s indie alt rock like Guster or The Shins, and even moments of grunge.

Moon Taxi kept a very minimum set with all five performers in the middle of the stage with two on top wedged between three on bottom. They only used about 40% of the stage and besides lighting the stage was bare. I think this helps the fan experience because it’s hard not to have all five members in your frame of vision. Unlike some shows where a couple performers are featured in front and the “supporting members” are in the background, with Moon Taxi you’re led to believe that they are truly a cohesive unit with equal billing.

The lighting for this show was spectacular and simple. They really proved you can do more with less when it comes to lighting. As a movie guy, I appreciated moments of high shadow that almost looked noir-ish in contrast to more conventional concert lighting.

Their set choices, along with a full cover of “Hotel California” and songs introduced to covers of Houndmouth (“For No One”), and John Lennon, made for one of the most lively audience I’d ever seen at Iroquois Amphitheater. It was truly one of those shows where you feed off the energy of the crowd and I don’t see how you couldn’t get into it.

For me personally, Moon Taxi probably won’t make one of my greatest bands of all time lists, but they put on one hell of a show. They are extremely entertaining and now just like Aubrey and Brittany, I’m telling you the next time they’re in Louisville this a show you CAN’T MISS.


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