LML Weekly Preview: Blackfoot Gypsies

Another year, another trip across I64 to MoonTower Music Festival in Lexington. The single-day festival should def be on your radar, considering they’re bringing the likes of Umphree’s McGee, Benjamin Booker, and Cherub to town. The two stages (and, as I recall, scrumptious food from local vendors) boast a few acts we have never encountered as well as some consistent bands. Among those fresh finds are the Blackfoot Gypsies. One thing these guys are known for is the amount of touring they do – you’ve probably heard their name coming through the Commonwealth. We got hooked up with Zack Murphy, the drummer for this Nashville band, and asked him some questions befitting of the weekend. Enjoy!

Live Music Lou: I feel like I have seen you on the bill for lots of shows (around Louisville and also EVERYWHERE else). Help the 9-5ers out: what’s the touring life like? What are the ups & downs?

Zack Murphy of Blackfoot Gypsies: Touring life is the best life! It has to be something that you want to do so if you wanna play music but hate traveling I guess a studio musician gig is your only other option. Downs are vehicle breakdowns. Thieves seem to love stealing music equipment so you always gotta be on the lookout. Ups are playing music on stage every day/night. Meeting new people, seeing new places, eating new food. Every job has ups and downs, you have to remember that. For me, it’s the best job in the world and I’m fortunate to be able to do it.

LML: Were you able to watch the eclipse Monday? If so, where/what did you do?!

ZM: I sure did! I saw the start of it at my house, then rode my motorcycle to a concert in East Nashville. Saw some bands play, then watched the eclipse. It was an amazing alien experience. We could all benefit from tapping into the universe a little bit more, I know that I did.

blackfoot gypsies

LML: Festival season and summer are wrapping up…what was the best part of your summer?

ZM: We’ve been really busy with touring in support of our latest album, To The Top on Plowboy Records, so that’s really been most of my summer. It’s all been really great. We’ve played some shows that were really great and have been getting in front of some really big audiences. They’ve all been really cool to us and it just makes everything so damn good.

LML: Who/what is on your playlist right now (artists, albums, podcasts, etc…)?

ZM: I just found this awesome French band called Soggy. I love them. I never get tired of listening to Motörhead. I’ve also been listening to a lot of T. Rex and Bowie lately as well as ZZ Top, Queen, R.L. Burnside. My favorite podcasts are The Joe Rogan Experience, The Last Podcast on The Left, and The Jocko Podcast.

LML: MoonTower is a different, local, low-key festival. Beyond the craft beer, delish food and casual vibe, you can bring your dog!!! Do you have a pet? If so, describe him/her to us. If not, what is your dream pet?

ZM: I have two dogs and their names are Darlin and Roxie. Darlin is a mutt, mostly pit bull  and shepherd. She was a rescue dog and she has a very wild but sweet personality. I named her after David Allan Coe’s song “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” as I didn’t know her name when I found her. I later found out her first name was KillahCo. She seems to respond to Darlin much better. Roxie is also a mutt, I think she’s mainly lab. My wife got her from a friend. She is very calm and sweet. Roxie is old, I think she’s 13 so she is slow but she is wise compared to Darlin.

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