Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: August 13 – 19

Summer is officially dead. This week of live music is not.

Sunday (8/13) –

Blacker Face, Grlwood, Isolation Tank Ensemble

Every time I drive/ride my bike/walk by Kaiju on a Sunday night, the place is packed. Unfortunately, my Sunday nights will likely be pretty limited right now but ya’ll should go for sure.

Carver Commadore, Big Bliss, Phourist

The Cure hosts these chill bands, which is what my Sunday night needs after a weekend of “last weekend of summer” partying.

Monday (8/14) –

The All-American Rejects

Get ready to relive those angsty younger years. It is unbelievable how many All-American Rejects I can sing word for word.

Tuesday (8/15) –

Ex-Cult, The Hot Wires

Do I need some punk to pep me up for the first day of school? Maybe so.

Ep. 4 Kristin Diable w/Brent Mathis

This is a traveling speakeasy series. Woah so cool. Butchertown Grocery is the perfect space for jazz.

Wednesday (8/16) –

An Evening with Dave Rawlings Machine

Dave Rawlings is a prolific musician. His latest work with Gillian Welch literally just came out (see below.)

Thursday (8/17) –

Belle and Sebastian with Julien Baker

Always moody AF, Belle and Sebastian’s new single “We Were Beautiful” is catchy and familiar. I’m excited to see this band that has been on my iTunes for years and equally pumped ot finally see Julien Baker. We’ll be doing our best to get there on time to see this oober talented song-writer.

Rye Back Porch Sessions: Small Time Napoleon | DJ Kim Sorise

As we swing into sweater weather, it is important for all of us to take full advantage of the outdoor music options. Rye Back Porch is a staple for us and has even more meaning considering this evening supports Girls Rock Louisville!

I Love the ‘90s Tour featuring Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa, Color Me Badd, Coolio, Tone Loc and Young M

So much 90’s all in the same space. I mean since all of the 90’s fashion is coming back around, it should be really easy to get dressed up for this one?

Friday – Saturday (8/18-19) – 

Seven Sense Festival

Like check out this effing lineup? With so many local and regionals goodies, it is impossible not to hit up the fest both days. The festival has a new home and I’m excited to explore it.

Friday (8/18) –

Carly Johnson with Rmllw2llz ft. DJ Ds

Carly Johnson’s voice is stunning without question. She has positioned herself as a linchpin in the local music scene. Let’s get together and celebrate her new music, to be released in early 2018!

Wombo album release w/Anwar Sadat and Ted Tyro

Kaiju plays host to another album release gig. Three great local bands are on the bill!


Alabama is legendary on so many fronts. The fair is kicking off pretty aggressively with this one.

Ginuwine and Tony! Toni! TonÉ!


Will Hoge

91.9 has brought this Nashville artist to town… he is so WFPK and so Nashville.

Brooks Ritter with Silver Spoons

It is Brooks turn to play the New Albany summer series. He is such a fun, happy guy and always a wonderful time to watch.

Saturday (8/19) –

Moon Taxi, The Weeks, Los Colognes

For the first time, Moon Taxi will be headlining an Iroquois Amphitheater show. We are not the only Louisvillians that love the Nashville guys, so we expect droves of humans to show up. Moon Taxi

Old Louisville LIVE: Musical Unity

1200 is like Aubrey: heading back to school. However, before the big changes of the fall, Jecorey is hosting this Old Louisville, youth centered event. This event focusing on unity through art is perfectly timed.

CONNECT at Bernheim

Science, art and the outdoors all combine at Bernheim.

Werestein Meets Frankenwolf

Party with some punk rock monsters! Werestein Meets Frankenwolf will be playing their first show.

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