Car Seat Headrest takes on Headliners

When I first got my new car in December, it came with a Sirius XM temporary subscription, and one thing that stood out on the XM U station (I think?) was that they were OBSESSED with Car Seat Headrest. I had heard of the band but didn’t know too much about them. And then from that point on, I couldn’t stop hearing about them. WFPK was playing them frequently, I would hear conversations about them…it was nonstop.

Considering the number of events happening the night of the show (Dave Chappelle & Broods, just to name a couple), the crowd at Headliners was s.o.l.i.d. I think that everyone realizes just how much of a creative Will Toledo is. The twenty-something is able to reach back and pull out some of that late teen angst, turn it into a brilliant indie rock sound, and then throw in (sort of but not…) covers here and there, making you scratch your head like whaaaat but then the end result is “OMG I love this.” Needless to say, Car Seat Headrest is a band to keep on your radar.


More photos on Flickr / at the link below.

Car Seat Headrest

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