Franz Ferdinand is on their rock concert game

Franz Ferdinand sticks out in my mind from their “Take Me Out” video for some reason. Maybe it is so memorable because it was during my afternoon TRL sessions? Since those MTV actual music video days I don’t think I’d thought about Franz Ferdinand like at all. That changed. (But remind yourself below… 😊)

The Scottish band put on a quintessential rock concert – a little glam, a little grunge, very British. Britt noted how they would be a great festival band, with frontman Alex Kapranos reminding her of a personality similar to Matt Shultz/Cage The Elephant. The band’s character mainly came from Kapranos, which is a traditional rock band thing that we tend to love (like CTE and The Struts, for example).

Our friend Beaver was really excited about this one and had some thoughts to share: “The Glasgow natives made their first stop to Kentucky and they lived up to their reputation as simply a fun alt rock band. It was impressive to see them being high energy and excitement to the Mercury Ballroom considering they had two new band members join only weeks earlier.”

I didn’t realize all that, so major props (and a cheers) boys.


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Franz Ferdinand

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