An Evening with Dawes

It has been a minute, but it’s Thursday, so naturally we can throwback. Relive the “Evening with Dawes” with us.

I’ll be honest, Dawes doesn’t elicit some dramatic feelings as being the best live band out there. Even so, every time we see them we are sucked in and leave totally into what Dawes does. WFPK presented this special evening with Dawes; no openers, just 2.5+ hours of Dawes goodness in the historic Brown Theatre. Listening to their recorded music is absolutely no comparison to the live experience. The atmosphere was so inviting, the crowd sang along at every possible moment, and all of the band members were clearly having a wonderful time. I think it’s safe to say we left this one on a high note (and hell, it’s obviously still very vivid in our memories even a month and a half later).

It was our first time taking photos at The Brown, and it will take a couple of times to get the hang of it, but Britt had fun running up the aisles nevertheless. Check out the rest of the photos by clicking on the photo below!


-Aubrey & Brittany

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