LML’s 1st Bunbury – A Preview


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This festival right up 71 has always been on our radar but is missed usually due to summer travel. We have no idea what to really expect…other than a pretty eclectic lineup. There is a heavy hip-hop presence (particularly of the vanilla type?), intermixed with some harder rock, indie staples and even some EDMish stuff.

I imagine it could have a semi-similar feel to Forecastle (mainly the on-the-water vibes) but since neither of us has been, we don’t have much to go on in terms of the people and general personality of the fest. So this should be fun! Below: a little playlist to get you hyped for the weekend and a few of our most anticipated sets.


The Shins (Sawyer Point Stage @ 6:30) – Please, oh please, have the sound more on point Bunbury crew! We hyped their Shaky Knees set up in our heads then were a bit disappointed purely because we couldn’t hear them!

Wiz Khalifa (Nissan Stage @ 9:45) – He’s a party starter and an ideal Friday headliner. I wouldn’t outwardly say that I’ve ever thought of Wiz as being a show I must see, but know that it is in front of me, I’m thrilled.


Kevin Garrett (Nissan Stage @ 2:30) – Dude just opened up for Mumford and Sons at the KFC Yum! Center. Casual.

Cobi (Sawyer Point Stage @ 3:00) – I can only find two recorded songs but DANG, this man can sing. Move over, ladies.

San Fermin (Sawyer Point Stage @ 4:30) – Two times in two days?! How are we worthy?

VHS Collection (CVG River Stage @ 4:45) – Danceable indie makes this a great mid-afternoon slot.

D.R.A.M. (Sawyer Point Stage @ 6:30) – Broccoli is a jam. And since then, D.R.A.M. been featured on all sorts of tracks.

sarob. (Southwest Sound Stage @ 7:30) – He was the only one I couldn’t find on Spotify, so naturally, that intrigued me. The dude has been recognized by multiple publications for his lyricism. Also, it appears that the Southwest stage is for Ohio-based bands, so that’s fun.

Pretty Lights (Sawyer Point Stage @ 8:45) – A live set from Pretty Lights should be spectacular.


White Reaper (Sawyer Point Stage @ 2:00) – Whyyyyy soooo earlllyyy innnn theeee dayyyyy? Be ready to rage Cincinnati/Bunbury fans.

Time Cat (CVG River Stage @ 2:00) – So I know that WR is a pretty obvious choice for this time slot, but I’m also very intrigued by Time Cat. I could be wrong, but I think WFPK plays Jeri Sapronetti’s soothing vocals pretty frequently. Oh, and we missed that they’re in Louisville on Friday night at The Cure before heading up the river! (at least I think so…there’s limited coverage about the show…)

Arkells (CVG River Stage @ 3:00) – Well after our recent Shaky encounter, this is a no brainer. It was one of the most fun sets of the weekend and I predict these Canadians steal the day.

Moon Taxi (Sawyer Point Stage @ 4:30) – The only bad thing about seeing Moon Taxi at a festival is that they can’t play as long as they would a normal show and I can’t awkwardly dance/sing/vibe along for longer. WE JUST WANT ALL OF THE MOON TAXI PLZ.

Jon Bellion (Sawyer Point Stage @ 6:30) – This lil’ bae released his first studio album last year, but you’ve heard him before (even if you didn’t know it) because he’s written for Rihanna and Jason Derulo, and that seems pretty legit. I’m predicting lots of babies at this set though…

Thirty Seconds to Mars (Nissan Stage @ 7:45) – Jared Leto and his eyes seal the deal. Also: throoooooowbaaaaaaaaack. Has it really been almost TWENTY years since they formed?!

-Brittany & Aubrey

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