Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 26 – April 1

Woah, it is already April. The week speeds up as we get closer to the weekend, welcoming in our spring break with all kinds of good stuff.

Sunday (3/26) – 

Migos with Tajy

U of L’s SAB has historically brought in the hottest acts of the time (i.e. that Chance The Rapper show two years ago and Rae Sremmurd last year). This is a big night for our friend Tajy  + crew, as the local artists is opening up for the

Ritchie White Orchestra, Black God

Sunday night Zbar hangs.

Tuesday (3/28) –

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

How can you say no to New Orleans garage R&B?

Wednesday (3/29) –

Earth, Wind, & Fire

You’ve got a tough choice on your hands between these four stellar shows. Earth, Wind, & Fire is a sure bet, as this diverse band is a time-tested hit.

Margo Price – Born to Ramble Tour

There’s no denying that this lady has a serious set of pipes.

Local Natives

Local Natives’ Sunlit Youth was fun, but their latest single is something else. They ask you listen to “I Saw You Close Your Eyes” with your eyes, well, closed. SWEAR. Go to this website and try it out.

Dylan LeBlanc

Dylan LeBlanc is back in The Ville again. His breakthrough album Cautionary Tale is a year old.

The Fire Escape Sessions: Episode 3 “Tapping the Gin Mill”

Fire Escape Sessions is Lou’s new(ish) monthly video podcast that happens to be a traveling speakeasy. Quiet Hollers and Justin Paul Lewis will don Prohibition-era outfits at Lola – make sure you get your tickets early!


Thursday (3/30) – 

Dark Star Orchestra

These guys have passed through here several times and it’s always a fun time jamming with them. This time won’t be any different, I’m sure.

Vanessa Carlton & Tristen

Throwback Thursday with your gurl Vanessa Carlton.

Billy Nelson and Lylak

Kaiju hosts one of our favorite Louisville bands.

The Wooks play Hip History

Frazier is one of my fav museums in town. Who’s up for some bluegrass there?

Friday (3/31) – 

Walton & Britten 

The L.O. plays a British themed concert.

Loretta Lynn

The legendary Loretta Lynn will grace the Palace stage. As a Kentucky girl, you know she’ll make this one special night.

The Weeks, The Lonely Biscuits

The Weeks have a new album due out April 7 (pre-order here!) and it sounds pretty freaking awesome.

Live Music Friday with Rue Snider

Free music! Great beer!

Steely Danish, The Astrophysicists 

Steely Danish definitely has a following in Lou. Have you made it out to one of their shows yet?

Final Friday of The Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench is for sure going out with a bang.

The Prince Experience

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate one of the greatest.

Reflex Machine / Neighbor / Rights for Robots / Bon Air

Don’t leave your earplugs at home for this one.

Planetary Overdrive release ft. Adventure & Jet Black Orchid

Lots of local music to help Planetary Overdrive release their new album.

Saturday (4/1) –

Cher and Yoko Play a Sears Fitting Room Documentary Debut

One time Cher Von and Yoko Molotov (Harpy) played a set in a fitting room at Sears. Yep, that happened. They recorded the adventure that got shut down pretty quickly and you’ll get to check out this Tyler McDaniel directed documentary.

JoJo – Mad Love Tour

You know you want to sing along with JoJo. Let it out, friends.

Misty Mountain String Band

April means we’re one step closer to summer, which means sunny skies and Kentucky bluegrass jams. This is an indoor show, but at least MMSB can help us get in that summer mindset.

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