Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: March 12 – 18

After this crazy week, we are kind of grateful for the slow start to this one. No for real, our bodies need a break. The weekend will bring

Sunday (3/12) – 

The Prodepressants, Seasaw, The Thumps

Kaiju has been on it. Three local acts take the back room by storm.

Wednesday (3/15) –

The Busker Group w/Jacob Duncan, Craig Wagner, & Chris Fitzgerald

Got humpday blues? Allow Jacob Duncan to clear those away with some jazzy Nachbar arrangements.

Thursday (3/16) – 

The Mockstrosity Tour with Mac Sabbath, and Special Guests Metalachi, Okilly Dokilly

This show has come through Louisville multiple times now, and each time sells out AND has people raving.

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Bit Brigade

The Zbar addition is finished and the new stage is ready! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE IT!!!! Bit Brigade will play a “Castlevania // Batman // DuckTales triple header.”

WFPK Jazz Live at Lola with Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble

Insider tip: you must make reservations for a table/seat at one of the two seatings. We may or may not have learned that the hard way.

The Jauntee – Winter Tour

Didn’t snag a table for Jazz Live at Lola but want a similar vibe? Check out New England band The Jauntee over at Time & Space.

Analog Cannibal, The Lovely Grandmas, On the Bang

Who doesn’t like some Thursday night Kaiju hangs?

Friday (3/17) – 

Norah Jones: Day Breaks World Tour

Ms. Jones sold out The Palace real quick. We can’t miss this one.

Frederick the Younger, Maximon, The Winger Brothers

These locals have been given the honor of christening the new stage, Louisville style. They’re hyped. We’re hyped.

Allen, Mack, Myers, & Moore (ft. Zach Myers of Shinedown)

Four musicians are coming together for this project – including Shinedown and Ingram Hill – and it sounds like fans are in for a treat. Expect a long night of jams!

Hollow Bone & Jameron

Yet another St. Paddy’s Day celebration. As the poster says, “LET’S GET THIS PADDY STARTED.”


Dr. Dundiff X Otis Junior Album Release “Hemispheres,” featuring Touch AC

This duo is everything that is right with the Louisville music scene. They’ve got a record deal now, and this album is the result. BTW you can buy “Hemispheres” at Target! WHAT WHAT!

George Winston

KCD Theater is a great venue for showcasing musical greatness, especially for talented pianist George Winston.

Stonecutters, Blind Scryer, Horseburner St. Patrick’s Day Throwdown

If loud is your thing, get your tush over to Shelby.

Pleasure Boys / Lung / Pop Empire

Yes, Eiderdown is joining in the St. Pat’s celebrations with a couple of Cinci bands and Louisville’s own Pleasure Boys. Sounds like the perfect occasion to go drink some good beer and try out their new menu!

Saturday (3/18) – 

Sleigh Bells

WFPK has played this duo pretty frequently. Their poppy vibe will be welcomed at Mercury, for sure.

Steve Martin and Martin Short

Two Martins. One stage. These tickets were expensive, but I know it will be worth it.

The Hot Brown Get Down featuring Mojoflo and Hot Brown Smack Down with Mama Said String Band and special guests

Make sure you daytime nap so you can stay up and jam with these guys.

Psychohawk, The Minor Second, Bon Air

Fun fact: Kelly and Andy Cook of Psychohawk also own Cook Studio & Gallery over on Frankfort.

Sick Velvet, Powell, Bad Day Baby

We love Lydia House’s ramen, but have never been for a show. I think it is time we change this.

Howell’s Hoot & Holler Karaoke

Zbar’s trying to figure out who they want to break in their new stage. And duhhhh it’s YOU. So get out there and SPIN 🎤  THE 🎤  WHEEL.


Free tunes from a dope band and excellent drinks from a dope bar. Slash fingers crossed it’s warm enough to sit out on the patio.

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