Louisville Rock Lottery rocks Headliners

One thing that Aubrey mentioned in her review of #1200Live was Jecorey Arthur’s collaborative skills – he is able to incorporate other musicians, artists, and organizations into his performances to create a one-of-a-kind show. In that same spirit, Craig Pfunder organized 25 Louisville musicians to create 5 new bands on Saturday for the Louisville Rock Lottery, and the only disappointment was that we didn’t get to hear more from each band.

While all of the participating musicians essentially fit within the “rock” category, each band created songs with distinctly different sounds. We started out a little loud and dark, with electric guitars dominating the first band (although the fiddle from Vanessa Blades was a fun touch). The mostly female band #2 – The Craigs – changed up the pace, largely thanks to the amazing energy from Carrie Neumayer. All of the keys took the stage for Synth Party (the name described yall perfectly). Up next, we saw glimpses of Howell Dawdy à la Alex Smith with “I’m Not Going to The Inauguration,” and LadyHands closed out the night with some epic jams (I think we were all ready for an encore, right?).

To all the artists – YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. To be given the challenge to come together as a cohesive, unique band with 5 musicians who may have never worked together and create 3 songs in 12 hours is quite the feat.

To Craig Pfunder – THANK YOU FOR ORGANIZING THIS. Luckily, you have a wildly talented pool of musicians to choose from for next year’s second annual lottery. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

To anyone who is reading this post – CHECK OUT MORE OF OUR PHOTOS. You can see the rest here or by clicking on the photo below. 😘


Louisville Rock Lottery

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