Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: January 8 – 14

The scene appears to have our well-being in mind, keeping things low key til the weekend. However, Friday and Saturday will likely involve multiple spots, with lots of local action happening.

Wednesday (1/11) – 

The Louisville Accord CD Release / Listening Party

This project sounds so so so cool. Local artists who have never worked together were paired up to create some hits. Notable (Live Music Lou fav) pairs include Teddy Abrams and Michael Cleveland, 1200 and Steve Cooley, Cheyenne Marie Mize and Justin Paul Lewis, and Danny Flannigan with Alanna Fugate. Copper and Kings hosts this event.

Thursday (1/12)

Howell’s Hoot & Holler

Free karaoke fun and New Wave tacos if you dare to spin the wheel!

Friday (1/13) – 

Haymarket 5th Anniversary with Squeeze-Bot

Haymarket knows how to throw a good party and their 5th Anniversary is certainly a reason to party. Come for Squeez-Bot, drink specials, a toast and probably some sort of free food.

Backup Planet

Haymarket will have this show going on in the back room simultaneously. This Nashville amorphous band sounds uplifting.

Acid Dad

New York’s psych-punk band Acid Dad will be playing Zanzabar. We haven’t been to Zbar in a while, and I’ve heard the addition is looking real nice. This may be the perfect show to come check things out.

Alone & Together with Evan Patterson, Aaron West, and Charles Rivera

Kaiju has a reputation for hosting dope stuff.

Saturday (1/14) – 

1200 Live

1200 should no longer be known as the city’s emerging arts leader. He has established his position loud and clear – it is no longer just surfacing. This evening will showcase his long-awaited full length in an all encompassing sensual experience.

Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Zone

Mercury will be packed for this hip-hop staple.

Louisville Rock Lottery

Headliners is hosting this pot of creativity. Five random bands will be forged, new songs produced, and a real-deal treat for all those in attendance. The draw happens at 10am and 10 hours later, fans will get to see their favorite Louisville artists in a whole new light.

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