Free Week was LIT ya’ll!  2015 was a ball and 2016 was even bigger and better.

#FreeFunction at Headliners
#FreeFunction at Headliners


We went hard to start of Free Week and relished hopping between New Vintage and Zanzabar, catching sets from Parlour, Twenty First Century Fox and Billy Nelson.


Wednesday’s adventures knocked us out for the night.  Oops.


Jordan Jetson at the New Vintage was our first stop, then New Bravado at Zanzabar and finishing with Mr. Jack “Handsome” Harlow (aka #Icouldbeyourteacher) and the Villebillies at Mercury Ballroom.  We absolutely made the most of our evening.


I’m kind of  bummed we didn’t get over to Preston for some Quiet Hollers and A Lion Named Roar action, but that sort of movement wasn’t in the cards for Saturday night.  That being said, we were definitely into Jalin Roze‘s #FREEFUNCTION that brought together some delightful DJ and MC collaborations at Headliners. The creativity and cohesion was very apparent throughout the evening.


Check out the whole damn album here!!!


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