LIT LISTENS: “Collections”

To celebrate this release of this EP, we thought it was time to release our very LIT review. Nick B has been an important element in 1200’s rise through the city, but it is time for the man to step out on his own and show us what he’s got. Join us at Haymarket TONIGHT for the free party where Nick B and his work will be on full display.  But before, here’s what the Lit Listens crew had to say about his EP, “Collections.”


  1. (Part 1) Intro

Aubrey: This is a spa song for the hip folk. I’m ready for my massage, now.

Brittany: Easing us in.

Amelia: Nick showing off some keyboarding skillz

  1. (Part 1) Daze

Brittany: I’m sitting here doing a slow nod/foot tap. Happy about it. I think the title is fitting, too.

Amelia: This feels like it’s a nice transition, definitely warming up to Part 2.

  1. (Part 1) Emission

Aubrey: Gonna just say it: I wish emission didn’t have the connotation that it did. But this is real nice. Complex man with complex productions.

Brittany: Haven’t formally met Nick B, but I really like Nick B. This is why.

Amelia: really like the vibe of this track – excited for part 2

  1. (Part 2) Jetson and Eons D – So Distant

Aubrey: I can feel the distance, and it hurts a lil bit. But it is sooooo smooth.

Amelia: Damn, Jets bodyin it. This was lit AF live, ready to see it again at a release show.

Brittany: Ditto. x2.

  1. (Part 2) Touch AC – Four Winds

Aubrey: Also good to hear a Gonzo reference.

Amelia: Always love to hear Touch on a track – and this is a great one to be on.

  1. (Part 2) 1200 Rozes – First 48

Aubrey: You both have definitely put your stake in the city. No question.

Brittany: I’m all about everything being said. EVERYTHING. Aubrey is clapping out loud.

Amelia: Nick B made this happen. CLAP, people.


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