Willie Watson is the cure for the Sunday blues

Sunday nights are tough for most people – the idea of getting ready for another week of work is pretty terrible. I’m no different. Here’s a secret: want to start off a week on a good note? Spend an evening with Willie Watson.

This Sunday night of jollity took place at Headliners, of course. That should be no surprise. The mostly seated crowd had pockets of serious dancers who weren’t afraid to move with Watson throughout his set. His generally positive personality was infectious – I’m fairly certain everyone at the intimate show felt his warmth. Willie is quite the character and certainly is very charismatic. I had a hard time not to smiling at everything he did.

It’s difficult to imagine the energy that Old Crow Medicine Show must have possessed in the early days. Ketch Secor is quite the personality. And now I’ve seen Willie Watson, the two of them together sounds like an intense experience. That I would adore.


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