Sad it is over – 2015’s final Waterfront Wednesday

The moral of this story is pretty simple:

  1. I love outdoor events, especially musical ones.
  2. I love frolicking around the Waterfront.
  3. I love Waterfront Wednesdays.
  4. I love WFPK and everything they do.
  5. Scott Carney is a fucking performer.
  6. I’m hyped to hear this new Wax Fang stuff in the next year.
  7. I am sad that this wonderful season is over, but it has been a good one.

Need to relive it with us? Check out some of our albums here:

May –

June –

September –

Some good news though! Winter Wednesdays pick up again with Daniel Martin Moore and David Wax Museum. Bring your canned good, and let’s hang at the Clifton Center on November 12th.


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