FJM knows how to put on a show for all of the senses

So many things. And don’t expect any visuals with this recap.

I went in being pretty terrified. I mean did you listen to his interview with Kyle Meredith?! I don’t think I’m that basic bitch that Father John Misty makes fun of on Instagram (if you haven’t looked at his Instagram ever, or read his Twitter, it is very clear how he feels about our culture today) but hearing his commentary on WFPK with Kyle, an adept radio personality and seemingly nice person, really made me nervous here. I mean he opened the interview up saying his manager made him come on because he had only half sold out a venue (kinda true…) and then just let it all come out. I was pretty prepared for a night full of douchebaggery. 

Reflecting on his show and the buzz around that absurd interview, Josh Tillman really is an interesting creature. He takes satire and sarcasm to a whole different level that is really hard to get a genuine read on. During the show, I was holding my breath each time I saw some person pull out a phone for a picture, fearing that the crowd would be berated for such behavior. But then during his very entertaining Q and A, the intimidating man became a little more grounded and funny in his spews of ridiculousness. The tall, extremely slender, long-haired, bearded man poked fun at himself and his image for the night – he openly admitted to having a full H&M suit on (completed with a tank), understanding that the combo with his facial hair was downright hipster-esque. He also commented that to look like a homeless man he undergoes some serious moisturizing treatments, and things got a little weird again. I’m sure he’s used to some stupid ass questions during this time, but one fan, clearly a FJM vet, came prepared for a one of a kind question. Actually, it was more of a request. Poking fun at the recent debacle called “1989” cover of a cover, Lou Reed dream craziness, the man asked the performer to cover one of his songs as the drummer of Def Leppard – we got some one armed drumming in response. HYSTERICAL.

My science brain has apparently made me very detailed oriented. When it comes to shows, I notice lots of little things – whereas Brittany doesn’t necessarily catch them, I guess. This summer, while visiting the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico, the docent presented the idea of synesthesia and it stuck with me. During the show, for example, with his chateau, old hollywood style show, I very distinctly smelled the big-headed man in front of me’s cheap, cheeky cologne. This smell took me into the experience that FJM either intentionally or unintentionally created for me. And I wasn’t mad about it. 

And apparently Louisville was one of the few stops where people didn’t take front row pics/selfies during Bored in the USA, so that’s a plus. Go us. 


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