Our alt-J love turned into an Indy weekend

It’s been a little over a month now, so the specifics may be a little fuzzy, but I remember telling Aubrey that I wanted to write about this one. She’s been obsessed with alt-J for a few years now. We had This Is All Yours ordered pretty much as soon as it came out last year, so it came as no surprise when she bought us tickets for this outdoor Indy show. The venue was different from what I expected. Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn is literally just a lawn, so there’s chairs available for folks like us who bought GA tickets. It was a bummer that we couldn’t get closer, but the amount of people at the show was pretty crazy.

I find that people are pretty polarized when it comes to their feelings about alt-J. You’re either really into it, or not – there’s no middle ground. I think that stems from them not sounding like anyone else out there at the moment. Joe Newman’s monotone, robot-like voice is super weird and damn near impossible to understand, but at the same time it entrances you. On stage, the alt-J lads are relatively immobile, letting the light show be the focal point. It’s not that often that a drummer is arranged in the front of the stage, but Thom Green is a huge part of the band’s sound, so it only makes sense. With the backlighting, his drumsticks appeared to be an extension from his hands, creating a spidery illusion from where we were in the crowd.

The Brits are back over on their side of the Atlantic again, finishing their tour. We’re hoping some new stuff is in the works, and we’ll certainly be keeping tabs on when the boys are back in our neck of the woods.


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