Best Coast doesn’t even have to try

Best Coast was in town and left an impression. We were lucky enough to see this LA band two times in a week – they opened up for alt-J that next weekend in Indy. Both sets stood out. It is almost contradictory…so much of what they do is based upon simplicity but they definitely have a certain edge. However these opposing forces work together, it is clearly very much enjoyed by many, as quite the crowd gathered for their Headliners show.

Bethany Cosentino is obviously the center piece of this band, and it’s hard to turn your eyes away from her. Watching her perform made me mull on the fact that people are meant to do certain things. I can hardly imagine what I would look like up on a stage trying to perform for a crowd of any size, really. But for Cosentino, it’s effortless. She commands the stage, owning it without having to do anything over the top (aside from having a fan majestically blow through her hair). Most people’s (or maybe just my) thick, sweaty hair would not look so becoming with that much wind power blowing through it. At that same time, though, you put me in front of some sixteen year old knuckle-heads, talking about nerdy science stuff and I’m able to teach them and empower them to do all kinds of crazy shit. I talked casually with my principal the other day about “my other life” and he said that it’s important to do things we love. I love teaching and mentoring kids, and I love seeing live music (and pretending I can write about it). I very much enjoy both of my “careers” but I’m definitely better at being the center of attention in one environment over another. I’ll stick to enjoying myself from the audience.


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