The best of the best for June’s Waterfront Wednesday

We’ve been out and about since school ended, road-tripping across the country out west and then back again. What better way to be welcomed back home than to attend one of this city’s favorite extracurriculars? Not only that, but the lineup was a perfect warm up for the upcoming ROMP weekend.

Banjo masters Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn joined Laura Shine in the WFPK studio earlier in the day to tell stories and pick away. They told of how they met (at a square dance) and of how she had skipped his performance when she was in college, and of their musical respect for each other’s brilliance. On stage, the two had obvious chemistry, playing off both of their strengths and performing one another’s songs. As they sat and played, the massive crowd sat in awe and reverence.

Pokey LaFarge is no stranger to Louisville. In fact, he was most recently in town for the Belle of Louisville’s 100th birthday celebration, also down on the waterfront. This Waterfront Wednesday performance gathered a much larger and warmer crowd. Pokey and his band are incredibly engaging and multi-talented. You can’t help but get up on your feet, dance around a bit, and smile the entire time that you’re listening to them. We noticed on social media that he was later playing a stripped down set at The Monkey Wrench, which happens to be right around the corner from us. I couldn’t agree more with the man sitting next to me who said that it was a special treat, to be able to see Pokey LaFarge playing for us in such an intimate setting, in a town he’s clearly fond of. To Pokey – hope to see you again soon.


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